Saturday, September 24, 2005

Corporate Security

What is the largest threat to American security? Apparently, our politicians believe its anything that threatens the profits of the largest corporations. Why hasn't the conservative Bush Administration cracked down on illegal aliens and enforcing border security? After all, the post-9/11 Republicans painted themselves as the proper guardians of our ultimate national security via a proactive policy towards terrorism.

The reason Bush has actually proposed amnesty for illegal aliens is because the corporate interests are best served with a cheap, under the table labor force. Since we supposedly have jobs Americans do not want to do, what's the harm? Besides, all of the terrorists are too busy in Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment to worry about crossing our borders illegally, right? With our resources tied up in Iraq, the most recent natural disasters have reinforced the sentiment that our government is ill-prepared for future attacks, especially from within.

Apparently all that corporate influence and deregulation in Washington has failed to improve efficiency in disaster response. With the pro-corporate Patriot Act, government contracts for Halliburton, the outsourcing of nearly half our National Guard forces to Iraq and Afghanistan, and the bailout of the major airliners, there has been few resources committed for improvement in overall border security. Of course, the only real concerns that have a voice at the appropriations table are corporate related. That means security of the wealthy are of the first and upmost concern to our elected officials. The rest of the population is merely a secondary concern in terms of voters needed to re-elect them.

These issues will bare limited discussion in the media, because the ownership will not allow the exposure of such an obvious anti-democratic system. The more the public is knowledgeable about these issues, the more pressure is put on government officials to regulate the out of control corporate interest. In other words, public awareness is inversely related to corporate influence in government policy making.

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